My Favorite Destination of 2017: Paris, France

If you read my latest blog post, you can see we’ve visited a lot of different places in 2017.¬†Without a doubt though, my favorite city we visited in 2017 was: Paris, France.

Why Paris? It was everything I imagined it to be and more! Everywhere we walked I just wanted to take more and more pictures. It was absolutely beautiful! There was so much history and charm yet it still had the components of large city (i.e. public transit, delicious food, museums, etc).

The city itself was pretty clean and felt relatively safe. There were amazing monuments, statues, and buildings all over the city. We were only in Paris for a few nights and from the moment we left I wanted to go back to wandering the streets.

If you don’t like big cities, Paris probably isn’t going to be your cup of tea. Paris isn’t for everyone. However, for those of you who love big cities with character and charm, this is the dream.

My wife and I were kind of nervous about visiting Paris after we heard things like “Parisians hate Americans” or “Parisians aren’t very friendly/nice”. Much to our surprise, we didn’t get this vibe at all. I think these stereotypes come from how Parisians might treat the obnoxious tourists who have no respect for the culture.

I can’t wait to visit Paris again in the near future. Until then, my wife and I look forward to exploring some new cities and countries next year.