The Ultimate Tool: 1Password

I have been meaning to write about 1Password for a while now. I purchased an annual subscription about 10 months ago and have been in love ever since. It is hands down one of the best applications out there! My wife and I are pretty frugal, but this is one subscription that is totally worth the investment.

What is 1Password?

First off, let’s dig into what 1Password is. At a basic level, 1Password is a password vault. It securely stores passwords, logins, and other information.

Why 1Password?

Now I know some of you may be thinking, why do I need 1Password when Google Chrome automatically saves my password? This can be pretty dangerous. Imagine if someone stole your laptop they’d have access to all your accounts.

Second, I used to always hear people say you should use a secure password that isn’t easily guessed. The problem with these types of passwords is that they are ridiculously hard to remember. If you have type this password in frequently, this can be a rather annoying process.

1Password solves these two problems. You only have to remember your one master password to gain access to your vault of passwords. Once you gain access to your password vault, you’re able to auto-fill your login information with the complex passwords you’ve created and saved in the app.

1Password Features

There are tons of features throughout the 1Password app. I’ve probably only utilized about 65% of them. One of my favorite features is the ability to securely store credit card information. This allows me access to all my card numbers without having to carry them in my wallet. Since I have a lot of credit cards, this is an amazing feature!

I considered taking a screenshot of my personal password vault, but there was just too much information to edit out that it didn’t seem worthwhile. Just take a look at their website to see some screenshots of the app interface.

You can also save information about your Passport, Drivers License, etc. All those things that you don’t want to write on a post-it note, but often need access to at a moment’s notice.

The app allows you to generate new passwords, which are completely random. Pretty much impossible to guess. Luckily all you have to remember is your Master Password.

Closing Thoughts

I primarily use the 1Password app on my MacBook Pro, Work Laptop (Windows), and iPhone. The app has a sleek look and is super easy to use. I haven’t tried some of the other password vaults like LastPass or DashLane so I’m not able to compare to those apps. With that being said, I’m pretty happy with 1Password so I don’t think I’ll be switching services anytime soon. This app is a great tool! Even if you’re not a travel hacker, I highly recommend subscribing to 1Password. Your security is definitely worth the investment.