Non-Travel Goals

I figured it might be beneficial for me to list some of my goals that don’t relate to traveling and exploring the world.

Short-Term (< 1 year):

  • Invest and pay off debt to create a positive net worth
  • Create and maintain an emergency fund/safety net of $10k
  • Pass the CPA exam and apply for CPA license
  • Read and finish at least three books
  • Be more present in everyday life

Medium-Term (1 – 5 years):

  • Pay off all of our student loans with interest rates > 5%
  • Have a net worth of $100,000
  • Max out 401k contributions
  • Max out IRA contributions
  • Become a board member for a non-profit
  • Become a homeowner

Long-Term (> 5 years):

  • Pay off the remainder of our student loans
  • Raise a family and pay for my kids to go to college
  • Have a net worth of $1,000,000
  • Retire at 58 years old