Travel Booking Service

Want to save money on your next vacation?

Look no further than the MilesForTwo’s Travel Booking Service!

How is this possible? With a little magic, I like to call travel hacking. Some of these trips are paid with via points/miles while others involve finding the right airfare deals. If you want to learn how to travel hack yourself, consider purchasing my consulting package. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Specific Plans Package (Hotels and Airfare)

If you’re looking to book a flight, let me know where you want to travel with specific dates. I will do my best to find you the best deal possible. I can also do this for hotel stays as well.

There are no specific rates for this package as it is dependent on the flights and hotels you are looking to book.

Wishlist Package (Airfare)

Not sure where exactly you want to go? Or is there somewhere you’ve been dreaming of going, but flights are way too expensive? Send me your wishlist or ideal destination as well as some possible travel dates. You won’t pay me a dime until I find you the perfect itinerary.

Wishlist Package Rate:

  • $25 for domestic flights
  • $50 for international flights

To purchase either of these packages, please fill out the form below: